Jog-a-Thon Schedule – Friday, October 21st

This year’s Jog-a-Thon is scheduled for Friday, October 21st.  Pledge envelopes have been sent home so hopefully your student is starting to collect pledges and prepare for the big day. The year’s theme is Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies. The students will jog during the following schedule:
Friday, 10/21 at Madrona Playfield

10:35-Transition to Park
10:45-11:05- Jogging (20 mins)
11:05-11:20- Snack/Water
11:20- Transition to School

1st Grade
11:05- Transition to Park
11:15-11:35- Jogging (20 mins)
11:35-11:50 Snack/Water
11:50- Transition to School

2nd Grade
11:30- Transition to Park
11:40- 12:05- Jogging (25 mins)
12:20- Transition to School

3rd Grade
12:00- Transition to Park
12:10-12:35- Jogging (25 mins)
12:35-12:50- Snack/Water
12:50- Transition to School

4th/5th Grade
12:35-Transition to Park
12:45-1:15- Jogging (30 mins)
1:15-1:30- Snack/Water
1:30- Transition to School

Middle School – 6th Period
1:20- Transition to Park
1:30-2:05- Jogging (35 mins)
2:05-2:15- Snack/Water
2:15- Transition to School for dismissal
If you can volunteer, please contact Armando Paz at