Info & FAQ

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How do I visit the school?
The school is always open for visitors. Check in with the school office to arrange.  Tour dates and evening open house events for prospective families are generally scheduled starting in January each year and run through about March, prior to Seattle Public Schools enrollment  period.  Check the PTSA calendar tab above to find tour and open house dates and times.  You may also contact the school office at 206-252-3100 to  request other times to visit the school or take a tour of classes during the school day.

How do I contact the school?
You can call the school main office at 206-252-3100.  The school address can be found below:


How can I learn more about what is going on at school?
Ask your child what is going on at school – engaged and interested families are critical to student success.

You are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher and/or contact the principal at any time if you have questions.  Attend a “coffee chat” with the Principal (see PTSA calendar for dates).  Principal McDaniel is available for informal conversations regarding any issue you feel needs to be addressed and encourages you to also bring potential solutions to to make us better equipped to meet the needs of every child.  Her purpose is to listen with the intent of making our school a better place to learn, teach, and play for students.

A great resource is the PTSA website – which keeps up to date on all things going on at the school – check out the Panther Partners Calendar links

Madrona PreK-8 public school website:

What is the school uniform policy?

Madrona Prek – 8 will continue to be a uniform school. The expectation is that all students will be in uniform every school day.

*Khaki tan pants, shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers
*Polo-style shirts, long or short sleeved in
Light blue
When weather gets colder and students need a warmer layer, t-shirts worn underneath the polo must also be
Light blue
In cold weather, sweaters or sweatshirts without hoods are acceptable in
Light blue
*Any shoe
*Any coat

Please consider donating uniforms that your students has outgrown back to school!

Who provides before/after school care?
The Community Day School Association (CDSA) provides before/after school care right in the Madrona K-8 school building.  Their website is, or they can be reached by phone at 206-709-8887 or by email at

What if I didn’t get my welcome paperwork in the mail?
Call the school office at 206-252-3100 and they will be able to assist you.  We will also try to post the relevant materials on this website.